Welcome to the Sebastopol SDA Church!

Join us for Sebastopol SDA Church Worship.


Masks are no longer required for everyone. You may choose to wear a mask if you wish. Please practice healthy habits.


YouTube at Sebastopol SDA online worship

or SebastopolSDA.org.



Sabbath School  10 AM#

Worship Service  11 Am


Sabbath Worship 12-10-2022 BULLETIN







Sabbath Worship 12-03-2022 BULLETIN

"Reactions" - By Pastor Daniel Yim 


Sabbath School Lesson 10: "The Fires of Hell" By Pastor  Daniel Yim


Sabbath Worship 11-26-2022 BULLETIN

11-26-2022 - By Eld Abel Nawaite - "Battles and Promises"


11-26-2022 - Pastor Daniel Yim - Sabbath School Lesson 9: "Contrary Passages?"



Sabbath Worship 11-19-2022 BULLETIN

Worship Service - "Thanksgiving to Jesus"  By Bro Franck Flores


Sabbath School - Lesson 8: "The New Testament Hope"

 By Bro Brandon Verzosa


In times like these we need to come together for

Prayer & Praise 


Join together with the Sebastopol Church family in seeking the Lord's Blessing and Strength.

Wednesdays @ 7 PM on Zoom.

If you would like to join us contact AV Department for Zoom meeting information.



Location: 1665 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol, CA 95472                                                              Phone: 707-829-3964                                                                                                                                       Email: SebastopolSDAChurch@gmail.com   

Contact Information 


Audio/Visual Department Recycling  Fundraiser



Please Help the AV Department collect Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles & Glass.

Only ones that say CA REFUND or CA CRV.   No trash, other non CRV items, liquor or Wine bottles. Money will go into the AV Dept. account to buy

Video equipment for streaming the church services on YouTube and at SebastopolSDA.org 

Collect along the roads, on your walks, Trash cans, Parks,

Your place, Work, Neighbors and Parties.

So far we have raised $9,416.75 and our goal is $12,000.00 

for new video equipment for streaming the service.

If everyone could save them for us we can accomplish this goal.

Saturdays from 8 am 2-3 pm, the big white box by

the Community Services will be open.

During the week the box is shut.

Then you will have to put them in 1 at a time

or you can save a lot up and you can see if

Eric Ratzlaff can come and get them.

6 big bags or more. 707-321-9095.

If you would rather write a check, please make it out to

Sebastopol SDA Church and in the memo write AV Dept. recycling.

Thank you



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The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a mainstream Protestant church with approximately 19 million members worldwide, including more than one million members in North America. The Adventist Church operates 173 hospitals and sanitariums and more than 7,500 schools around the world. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) works within communities in more than 130 countries to provide community development and disaster relief.