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December 16

December 9  Martin Robbins "Cradle to the Cross"

December 2 Bay Area Men's Chorus  "Christmas"

November 25 Albert Hamilton "The Most High"

November 18 Pastor Tim Judson Not Available

November 11 Pastor Tim Judson   "Joyful Living: Contentment"

November 4  Pastor Tim Judson
Joyful Living: The Peace of God​"

October 28  Bill Jarrett "Mark of the Anti Beast"

October 21 Micheal Snyder  "A Picture of Jesus"

October 14 Pastor Tim Judson "Joyful Living, Pilgrim's Progress"
October 7 Pastor Tim Judson "Joyful Living, Christ Our Example​"

September 30  Leon Quin  
"Vespers & Sacred & Classical Piano Concert"
September 30  Albert Hamilton  "The Rich Young Ruler"
September 23  Pastor Tim Judson "Joyful Living, Who is Jesus​"

September 16  Pastor Tim Judson
"Joyful Living: Let Go of Your ( )"

September 9  Martin Robbins "Changes by Grace"

September 2  Pastor Tim Judson
"Joyful Living Amoung Fear, Stress, and Worry

August 26  Dr. Michael Snyder  "Lessons From Bitter Waters"
August 19   Lukas Mead  "Decisions"
August 12  Pastor Tim Judson "Why the Sabbath?"
August 5 Pastor Tim Judson "Putting on the Whole Armor of God"

July 29 Martin Robbins "Steps to Discipleship"

July 22 Ernst Louis-Jacques  "What is Your Testimony"

July​ 15  Alvin Hamilton "The Mission"

July 8  Mary Jo Lauderdale - Women's Ministries of NCC
"Living Beyond"

July 1  
June 24  Ernst Louis-Jacques "O Taste and See That the Lord is Good"

  "Weep Like Jesus"               Vespers

     Sacred Concert  by Euphs4Him

  "The Point of No Return" Afternoon Message

   "Is God Late?"                   Divine Worship
 June 17 Speaker: Alistair Huong - President of AudioVerse

Sebastopol Mini Camp Meeting 2017
​June 10  Pastor Tim Judson "How to Know the Will of God in My Life"
June 3 Pastor Tim Judson "How to Know the Will of God in My Life" 

May 27  Daniel Chivaran "At the End Time"
May 20  Pastor Tim Judson
"Let Your Speech Be Seasoned with Salt"

May 13 Sab. Jack Dubosque 
"Three Days too Late but just in Time"
May 12 Fri.   "Platform Support Pillar #3"

May 11 Thurs.   "Platform Support Pillar #2"

May 10 Wed. "Platform Support Pillar #1"

____Week of Prayer  By Jack Dubosque Ministries_____

May 6  Martin Robbins
"Loving Action and the Atmosphere of Heaven"

April 29  Albert Hamilton "The Fiery Furnace"
April 22 Lukas Mead "The Pattern Man"
April 15  Pastor Tim Judson "Wonderful Grace of Foot Washing" Communion Sermon

April 8 Martin Robbins "What Kind of People Should We Be?"

April 1 Pastor Tim Judson "A Doer of the Word"
​March 25  Lukus Mead "Whom We Serve"


March 18  Fijian Singers - Fiji Mission 2017 Concert 

March 18  Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith: Enoch" 7
March 11 Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith" 6

March 4 Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith: Wall of Jericho" 5

_____________        ______________

February 25 Albert Hamilton "God Is Love"

February 18  Dawn of Hope Ministry  Musical Sermon  "Trusting in Trial"


February 11 Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith, Noah" 4
February 4 Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith" 3

January 28 Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith" 2

January 21 Pastor Tim Judson "Living By Faith" 1

________    ___________

January 14 Elder Ernst Louis-Jacques "Bless His Name"
January 7  Pastor Tim Judson "Forget the Former Things"
 - 4 -  Sabbath Evening -
 "The Harvest Is Ready - Part 2"

- 3 -  Divine Service -
 "The Harvest Is Ready - Part 1"
December 31 - 2 -  Sabbath School -
 "How will the Harvest Be Ready?"
December 30  - 1 -  Friday Evening -
"Christ Still Waiting on the Grain"

Speaker: Pastor Leslie White
These you need to listen in order 1 - 4.
You cannot afford to miss a single presentation!
Spiritual Revival Bible Seminars
December 24 Pastor Tim Judson "The Meaning of the Cross"

December 17Pastor Tim Judson "Prince of Peace"

December 10 Martin Robbins "Wise Last Day"

December 3  Pastor Tim Judson  
"Keep Praying and Keep Believing"

November 26  Pastor Leslie White  "Why Are We Still Here?​"
November 19 Pastor Tim Judson "The Runaway Missionary 5"
November 12 Pastor Tim Judson "The Runaway Missionary 4"

November 5  Bay Area Men's Chorus “The Second Coming”
October 29  Martin Robbins  "Less Burdens, More Rest"
October 22  Albert Hamilton "Israel's Sin" 
October 15  Pastor Tim Judson "The Runaway Prophet 3"

October 8 Pastor Tim Judson "The Runaway Prophet 2"

October 1 Pastor Tim Judson "The World's Worst Missionary" 1 or "The Runaway Prophet 1"
September 24  Ernst Louis-Jacques "Lovest Thou Me"
September 17  Pastor Tim Judson  "Communion Meditation"

September 10 - "Into His Likeness"
Marshall Merklin

September 3 - "Your Job Is a Blessing"
Pastor Tim Judson

August 20 - "I need Help"
Martin Robbins

August 20 - "Positive Thinking and Faith" 
Pastor Tim Judson

August 13 - No sermon this week

August 6 - “The One Truth: Jesus”​  
VBS Children's Church
 - Sermonettes
VBS Teachers - Albert Hamilton & Raimona White

July 30 - "There Is Power..."
Lukas Mead

July 23 - "Money Can Not..."
Pastor Tim Judson

July 16 - "Times of Testing"
Pastor Tim Judson

July 9 - "Reaching Across the Gulf"
Jack DuBosque

July 2 - "Trust In God"
Daniel Chivaran

Vespers - "Where Is God When I Suffer?"   Audio / Video

Afternoon Message
“The Truth that Transforms the World”
Audio / Video

June 25 -   Sermon - “A New Heart” Audio

(Other videos of talks Dr. Reiesenberger has done.) 
Speaker - Dr. Tim Riesenberger
Sebastopol Mini Camp Meeting

June 18 - "Guess Who Is Going to Dinner"
Brass Ensemble from Healdsburg SDA Church / Martin Robbins

June 11 - "Alas, my Brother"
Ernst Louis-Jacques

May 14 
Our computer went down.
So we will not have recordings for a while.

May 7 - "Changing Fiji One Life at a Time"
Relief Concert
Capital City Fijian Ministry  

May 7 - "The Eyes of Your Heart"
Pastor Tim Judson

April 30 - "Power of Grace"
Anthony Cunningham

April 23 - "Truth About Death and Eternity"
Pastor Tim Judson

April 16 - "True Fellowship"
Martin Robbins

April 9 - "God loves hilarious Givers"
Pastor Tim Judson

April 2 -  Tecnical problems, No sermon this week.

March 26 - "Tree Crosses"
Pastor Tim Judson

March 19 - "Don't Worry"
Elder Ernst Louis-Jacques

March 12 - "Life of Joseph:
Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?"

Pastor Tim Judson

March 5 - "Life of Joseph: A Miracle of Healing"
Pastor Tim Judson

February 27 - "Earnestly Seeking A Walk with God"
Martin Robbins

February 20 - Life of Joseph:
The Turning Point"

Pastor Tim Judson

February 13 - "Life of Joseph:
From the Prison to the Palace"

Pastor Tim Judson

February 6 - "Joseph in Prison"
Pastor Tim Judson

January 30 - "But I Prayed For You" Luke 22:32
Vespers - Anthony Cunningham

January 30 - "Having Done All, To Stand?"
Elder Ernst Louis-Jacques

January 23 - "Life of Joseph: What Temptation?"
Pastor Tim Judson

January 16 - "Life of Joseph:
The Reason for Your Existence"
Pastor Tim Judson

January 9 - "Object of Our Praise"
Pastor Richard Dena

January 2 - "How to Get Started Right in 2016"
Pastor Tim Judson

December 26 - "Journey of Faith"
Afternoon Concert
Grace Symphony - From Fiji

December 26 - "The Genealogy of Grace"
Pastor Tim Judson

December 19 - "The Promise"
Music Ministry Dept.

December 12 - "The Fourfold Look On the Cross"
Pastor Tim Judson

December 5 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
Welcome Home!"

Pastor Tim Judson

November 28 - Sleepy (__________) - Sleepy Church
Martin Robbins

November 21 - "The Standing Orders of the Gospel"
Pastor Tim Judson

November 14 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
The Peacemaker"

Pastor Tim Judson

November 7 "Hope and Heaven / Hell"   
Sabbath Afternoon    
November 7 "Hope and the Sabbath" Sermon
November 6 "Hope and Salvation" Fri. Evening

November 5 "Hope and Service" Thurs. Evening

November 4 - "Hope and Prayer" Wednes. Evening

By Pastor Jonathan Henderson


October 31 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
The Pure Heart"

Pastor Tim Judson

October 24 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
MoreThan Forgiveness"

Pastor Tim Judson

October 17 - "The Lord Our Shepherd"
Ernst Louis-Jacques

October 10 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
God's Appointed Diet"

Pastor Tim Judson

October 3 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
Happy are the Meek

Pastor Tim Judson

September 26 - "Who Is the Greatest"
Pastor Chuck Williams

September 19 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now: 
Joy Through Morning"

Pastor Tim Judson

September 12 - "Kingdom Living Here and Now:
Bankruptcy Declared!"

Pastor Tim Judson

September 5 - "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living"
Pastor Tim Judson

August 29 - "The Hour of Trial"
Pastor Tim Judson

August 22 - "Applied Christianity"
Martin Robbins

August 15 - "This Day is a Day of Good Tidings"
Ernst Louis-Jacques

August 8 - "The Same God Yesterday and Today"
Daniel Chivaran

August 1 - "The 7 Churches of Revelation:
The Loadicians"

Pastor Tim Judson

July 25 - "Promise for Today's Struggle"
Martin Robbins

July 18 - Today's Sermon was by Dr. Ted Wilson GC President
from the GC Session - Sabbath July 11 - Divine Service.

To hear him go to the Hope Channel Store.

July 11 - "Higher Calling"
Pastor Tim Judson

July 4 - "Seeking Him with the Whole Heart"
Elder Ernst Louis-Jacques

June 27 - "A Sermon from the Cross"
Martin Robbins


June 19 & 20 Sebastopol Mini Camp Meeting

June 13 - "Seven Churches of Revelation:

Pastor Tim Judson

June 6 - "Seven Churches of Revelation:

Pastor Tim Judson

May 30 - "John the Baptist for today"
Martin Robbins

May 23 - "Seven Churches of Revelation:

Pastor Tim Judson

May 16 - "Seven Churches of Revelation:

Pastor Tim Judson

May 9 - "Message in Music"
Bay Area Men's Chorus

May 2 - "Seven Churches of Revelation:

Pastor Tim Judson

April 25 - "Communion Meditation on God’s Love"
Pastor Tim Judson

April 18 - "Peace Be Still"
Elder Ernst Louis-Jacques

April 11 - "Seven Churches of Revelation:

Pastor Tim Judson


April 4 - "Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues"

Final Evening Meeting
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

April 4 - "White Horse Report"

Afternoon (2 PM) Talk About his Ministery - White Horse Media
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

April 4 - "The Mark of the Beast"

Pastor Steve Wohlberg

April 3 - "The Beast's Greatest Deception Affecting YOU"
Friday Evening

Pastor Steve Wohlberg

April 2 - "The Lie that is Destroying America"
Thursday Evening
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

 March 31 - "Revelation's Issue that Divides the world"
Tuesday Evening
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

March 30 - "Identifying the Beast"
Monday Evening
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

"From Hollywood to Heaven" Part 2
March 28 - "From Hollywood to Heaven" Part 1
 Sabbath Evening 
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

March 28 - "Waters Turning Blood Red" Sermon
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

March 27 - "Race Toward the Mark"
Friday Evening
Pastor Steve Wohlberg

The Bible Prophecy Seminar "The Time is at Hand!"

March 21 - "Rescue the Perishing" Part 2
Pastor Tim Judson

March 14 - "Macedonian Call" Part 1
Pastor Tim Judson

The Redwood Adventist Academy
Michaelangelo Players

February 28 - "The Necessity of Self-love"
Pastor Tim Judson

February 21 - "This One Thing"
Brandon Verzosa

February 14 - "Four Steps to Heaven"
Pastor Tim Judson

February 7 - "When You Pray"
Pastor Tim Judson

January 31 - "How to Receive God's Blessings"
Ernst Louis-Jacques

January 24 - "On the Edge of Eternity"
Pastor Tim Judson

January 17 - "IF You Want the Wisdom of God..."
Pastor Tim Judson

January 10 - "The Time Is Now!"
Martin Robbins

January 3, 2015 - "Do You Understand the Lord's Will?"
Pastor Tim Judson

December 27 - "What Made Wise Men Wise"
Pastor Tim Judson

December 20 - "Jesus, Light of the World"
Music Ministry Department

December 13 - "The Heart of True Worshippers"

"The End of Protestantism" Part 2

Afternoon Meeting - "The End of Protestantism" Part 1

Sermon - "The Power to Effect Change
Belongs to Ordinary People"

December 6 -  Alan J. Reinach

November 29 - "A Gold Medal Life"
Bill Jarrett

November 22 - "Joyful Thanksgiving"
Pastor Tim Judson

November 15 - "Bring Down Your Giants"
Martin Robbins

November 8 - "Righteous Shine as the Stars Forever"
Pastor Tim Judson

November 1 - "Prevailing Prayer"
Pastor Tim Judson
"The Lord is with Me"  Afternoon

October 25 - "Only the Strong"  Sermon

October 24 - "The Word of a King" Friday Night
Taariq Patel -
Past Sermon from Sebastopol Mini Camp Meeting 

_____________Spiritual Emphases Weekend______________

October 18 - "The Investigative Judgement Has Begun"
Pastor Tim Judson

October 11 - "Jesus, the Light of the World"
Ernst Louis-Jacques

October 4 - "Apostasy and Cleansing of the Sanctuary"
Pastor Tim Judson

September 27 - "Discovering Certainty in Uncertain Times"
Pastor Tim Judson

September 20 - "The Last Night of Babylon"
Pastor Tim Judson
September 13 - "Does God Answers Prayer?"
Sermon - Pastor Del Dunavant

September 13 - "Prayer"
Sabbath School - Pastor Del Dunavant

September 6 - "Daniel in the Lion's Den"
Pastor Tim Judson

August 30 - "Maniac King's Confession"
Pastor Tim Judson

August 23 - Pastor Tim Judson "The Danger of Double Mindedness"

August 16 - "Bless the Lord O My Soul"
Ernst Louis Jacques

August 9 - "Creation versus Evolution:
Contemporary Belief Choices"

VBS  -  Esther Judson

August 2 - "The Mystic Future Revealed"
Pastor Tim judson

July 26 - "Our Mission"
Daniel Chivaran

July 19 - "God Cares"
Pastor Tim Judson

July 12 - "The Mission"
Daniel Chivaran

July 5, 2014 - "The Benefits of Service"
Pastor Tim Judson



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